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Charting the Growth and Development of Open Access Globally



Open Access (OA) is now a global movement and initiatives are springing up across the world. It is important to have a single location where OA initiatives can be discovered. The OA Map allows users to conduct searches or obtain overviews of Open Access developments around the world. This will help to prevent duplication, enhance collaboration and generally enable an approach where new projects properly build upon existing or completed ones.

The Map displays the locations of all types of OA-related initiatives, including funding policies, government documents, university mandates and so on. Much of this information already exists but it is scattered across domains. The Map can be used for OA education training and advocacy and should be extremely valuable in informing different constituencies, including policymakers and legislators, about the progress of OA in simple, clear and easily usable ways.

We hope that the diverse data that can be pulled together could also serve as a foundation for important research questions. The Map can also serve as a networking tool, something that has the potential to facilitate and catalyse additional, new and innovative OA developments across the world. This is something new. No other service has attempted to bring information together in this way to provide a tool for networking on this scale.

Please join your colleagues around the world in adding your own projects and services to the Map, making it a truly comprehensive resource for everyone.

The Open Access Map is a service from OASIS, the Open Access Scholarly Information Sourcebook. OASIS provides information on all aspects of Open Access in a clear way with examples, briefing papers and case studies to illustrate the issues. The founders and editors of OASIS are Leslie Chan (University of Toronto Scarborough) and Alma Swan (Key Perspectives Ltd and Enabling Open Scholarship). Funding for OASIS was provided by the Open Society Foundations, which also provided seed funding for the Open Access Map. Please visit OASIS and make use of its resources in your own advocacy work for Open Access:

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