Open Access Map

Charting the Growth and Development of Open Access Globally

Title Country Primary Language Project Type
Repositório Digital Institucional da UFPR
Brazil (multiple) Service
Hochschulschriftenserver der Pädagogischen Hochschule Freiburg
Germany (multiple) Service
Hochschulschriftenserver der Hochschule der Medien Stuttgart
Germany (multiple) Service
Cologne Open Science - Wissenschaft weltweit vernetzen
Germany (multiple) Service
Server für wissenschaftliche Schriften der Hochschule Hannover
Germany (multiple) Service
Africa Digital Repository
Kenya (multiple) Service
Turkey (multiple) Service
St Andrews Research Repository
United Kingdom (multiple) Service
Lebanon (multiple) Service
ÉDUQ: Archive ouverte du réseau collégial du Québec
ÉDUQ, the open archive of the Quebec college network. The archive collects, retains, and disseminates documents about teaching, learning, and institutional development in Quebec’s Cegeps and colleges. ÉDUQ enables you to find full-text electronic resources, to borrow books, and to submit your documents.
Canada (multiple) Research study
Institutional Repository of Lanzhou University
This is an Institutional repository providing access to the publication output and theses of the institution. Access to theses requires acceptance of user agreement. Some items are not available via Open Access and are only available to registered members of this site.
China (multiple) Research study
Repozitoriul OPEN RECEARCH ARCHIVE (ORA) – USARB este o arhiv? electronic? institu?ional? cu acces deschis, cu depozitare de lung? durat?, fiind gestionat de Biblioteca ?tiin?ific? USARB în vederea acumul?rii, stoc?rii, conserv?rii ?i disemin?rii produc?iei ?tiin?ifice a universit??ii.
Moldova (multiple) Research study
Samara University Repository
Repository (Electronic Research Archive) is designed for long-term storage, accumulation and provides long-term and reliable open access to results of scientific research university. Using the repository of the Samara University you can get access to monographs, abstracts, theses, final qualifying works , research articles, regulatory documents, reference, educational and teaching materials, audio and video content.
Russia (multiple) Research study
Institutional Repository of National Institute for Fusion Science, Japan.
Japan (multiple) Research study
Institutional Repository of Zhytomyr National Agroecological University
Ukraine (multiple) Service
University of Toyama Repository
Japan (multiple) Service
CIIT Lahore Repository
DSpace is a digital service that collects, preserves, and distributes digital material. Repositories are important tools for preserving an organization's legacy; they facilitate digital preservation and scholarly communication. CIIT Lahore Library collects, preserve and distribute the intellectual assests of COMSATS students.
Pakistan (multiple) Research study
Eprints at Atmiya
Faculty Publication
India (multiple) Research study
PRESTO: Performance, Research, Events, Scores and Texts, Online
United Kingdom (multiple) Research study
FJSL - Fondation Jeunes Scientifiques Luxembourg - MyScienceWork
This new generation repository has several objectives: - Archive and provide open access to all publications and scientific papers written by participants in relation with FJSL supported projects - Build an Alumni network federating people who participated to the Jonk Fuerscher contests: As of February 2016, date of the launch of this platform, the site records over 100 members representing participants since 2013. - Our goal is to come back in time and step by step retrieve all participants up to 1971, therefore encouraging national and international collaborations among those members - Increase prestige, attractivity and influence of the Foundation and its events. Promote the Jonk Fuerscher contest and other events organised by the Foundation
Luxembourg (multiple) Research study
TEIKYO University of Science Academic Repository
This site provides accessto the research output of the institution. The site interfaces is available in Japanese or English.
Japan (multiple) Research study
Institute for Social Research in Zagreb (ISRZ) Repository
Repository includes: - bibliographic data and, where available, full text papers of current and former ISRZ employees, - bibliographic data and, where available, full text of books published by ISRZ, - ISRZ newsletter. Content: books, book chapters, journal articles, theses.
Croatia (multiple) Research study
Welcome to Digital Library UIN Sunan Gunung Djati Bandung - Digital Library UIN Sunan Gunung Djati Bandung
Content: institutional repository
Indonesia (multiple) Research study
Muroran-IT Academic Resources Archive
Japan (multiple) Research study
Scholar Commons - University of South Florida
United States (multiple) Service
Thesis & Dissertations, Journal Articles, Conference Proceedings, Book Chapters, Newsletters, Seminars, Presentations, Research Reports, University Publications and so forth..
South Africa (multiple) Research study
Repositorio Universidad Autónoma de Manizales
Bienvenidos al Repositorio Institucional de la Universidad Autónoma de Manizales. El objetivo de este espacio es reunir, preservar, difundir y dar libre acceso a la producción intelectual, académica y corporativa de la Universidad, desde cualquier lugar del mundo
Colombia (multiple) Research study
Departamentul Informational Biblioteconomic
Institutional repository integrates publications for educational process: curricula, textbooks and monographs, articles in scientific journals, theses and Masters and other sources. It includes 492 titles documents, completing several collections, such as: Collection Institutional Publications; Library Information Department; Faculty of Law; Faculty of Letters; Faculty of Psychology, Education and Social Sciences; Ecology and biomedicine; Economics. // Repozitoriul institu?ional integreaz? publica?ii, destinate procesului educa?ional: programe analitice, manuale ?i monografii, articole din revistele ?tiin?ifice, teze de doctorat ?i masterat ?i alte surse. Acesta include 492 de titluri documente, completând mai multe colec?ii, precum: Colec?ia Publica?ii Institu?ionale; Departamentului Informa?ional Biblioteconomic; Facultatea Drept; Facultatea de Litere; Facultatea Psihologie, ?tiin?e ale Educa?iei ?i Asisten?? Social?; Biomedicin? ?i Ecologie; ?tiin?e economice.
Moldova (multiple) Research study
Japan (multiple) Research study
Welcome to Unipdu Jombang | Institutional Repository - Unipdu Jombang | Institutional Repository
Indonesia (multiple) Research study
India (multiple) Service
TUGraz OPEN Library
Austria (multiple) Service
Rowan Digital Works
The repository is a service of the Rowan University libraries. Research and scholarly output included here has been selected and deposited by the individual university departments and centers on campus.
United States (multiple) Research study
Knowledge Repository @ IUP | Indiana University of Pennsylvania Research
United States (multiple) Research study
Portal repository universitas pasundan bandung
Indonesia (multiple) Research study
Japan (multiple) Research study
Meiji University of Integrative Medicine Academic Repository
Japan (multiple) Research study
Suzuka University of medical science institutional repository
Japan (multiple) Research study
pub H-BRS - Publikationsserver der Hochschule Bonn-Rhein-Sieg
Germany (multiple) Service
euroCRIS DSpace-CRIS repository
Netherlands (multiple) Service
Turkey (multiple) Service
Bilecik University
Turkey (multiple) Service
Repositorio Institucional
Cuba (multiple) Service
Repositório Institucional da UNILA
O repositório Institucional da UNILA é o serviço de informação, em ambiente digital, a qual visa reunir, armazenar, organizar, preservar, recuperar e, sobretudo, promover a dis­seminação da produção intelectual ou científica criada pela comunidade acadêmica da UNILA, em conformidade com a Lei nº 12.527/2011 (Lei de Acesso à Informação). Este é o repositório digital da UNILA, construído para indexação, preservação e compartilhamento da produção intelectual da UNILA em formatos digitais como: imagens, artigos, teses, dissertações, vídeos. The UNILA institutional repository built to save, share, and search digital research materials including an increasing number of conference papers, images, peer-reviewed scholarly articles, preprints, technical reports, theses, working papers. El repositorio digital de la UNILA contruido para la indexación, preservación y distribución de la producción intelectual de la UNILA en formatos digitales tales como: imágenes, artículos, tesis, disertaciones, vídeos.
Brazil (multiple) Research study
Archivio Ricerca Ca'Foscari
Italy (multiple) Service
Canada (multiple) Service
UB ScholarWorks
United States (multiple) Service
Unika Repository
Indonesia (multiple) Service
Tohoku Institute of Technology Academic Repository
Japan (multiple) Service
Library and Archive of Western State College of Law (LAWS)
The repository is a service of the Western State College of Law Library. Items included here have been selected by the Western State librarians.
United States (multiple) Research study
Welcome to IIASA PURE
Austria (multiple) Research study
Austria (multiple) Service
Repository of Polessky State University / ??????????? ?????????? ???????????????? ????????????
Belarus (multiple) Research study
The National Museum of Western Art, Tokyo - Publications Repository
This is a museum repository providing access to the publication output of the National Museum of Western Art, Tokyo.
Japan (multiple) Research study
Institutionelles Repositorium der Leibniz Universität Hannover
Germany (multiple) Service
Reti Medievali Open Archive
Italy (multiple) Service
Bilkent University Institutional Repository
Turkey (multiple) Service
IST PubRep
Austria (multiple) Service
Finland (multiple) Service
Digital Repository, University of Moratuwa
Sri Lanka (multiple) Service
Istanbul Bilim University
Turkey (multiple) Service
Hochschulschriftenserver der TH Wildau
Germany (multiple) Service
Repository of the Yaroslav Mudryi National Law University
Ukraine (multiple) Service
Médecins Sans Frontières Field Research
Switzerland (multiple) Service
Savoirs UdeS : plateforme de diffusion de la production intellectuelle de l’Université de Sherbrooke
Savoirs UdeS est le dépôt institutionnel de l’Université de Sherbrooke. Il s’agit d’une plateforme web en accès libre dont le mandat est de mettre en valeur la production scientifique de l’Université de Sherbrooke.
Canada (multiple) Research study
Institutional Repository of China University of Mining and Technology
Institutional Repository of China University of mining and technology is in research staff of the academic achievements, output of scientific research and teaching resources as the main content of the construction of database
China (multiple) Research study
ITU Academic Open Archive
This project was started to provide web access to theses, dissertations and articles etc. that have been completed at the Istanbul Technical University since 2015. Being in our system or landing from our system of academic studies which compose our university Open Archive System depend on a writers’ permission. When somebody uses the studies which are in the archive, showing the source is an integral and imperative for academic ethical by user. When showing source, the name and writer of using study and URL address off open archive will be given, too. Downloaded on theses modification or creation of derivative works is prohibited. Only granted the right to use electronic resources. All property rights owned by the Technical University of Istanbul.
Turkey (multiple) Research study
Digital repository of Slovenian research organizations
Digital Repository of Research Organizations of Slovenia (DiRROS) is a single point of entry for the access to electronic forms of scientific and professional papers, reports, research data and other material, generated by the researchers of member organizations or by independent researchers and artists, who do not have the possibility of archiving and preservation of electronic resources. DiRROS offers deposit and preservation of different electronic documents free of charge. Compatibility with OpenAIRE guidelines enables sharing content with other repositories and compliance with the provisions of the European Commission on open access to peer-reviewed scientific publications and corresponding research data from publicly funded projects under the FP7 and Horizon 2020 Framework Programes, as well as the requirements of Slovenian national strategy, institutional policies and financers. During the deposit into the Repository each document can be submitted for the detection of the similarity of its content (plagiarism) to all contents on the national open science portal.
Slovenia (multiple) Research study
CONICET Digital - Repositorio Institucional
The National Scientific and Technical Research Council Repository provides access to the research output of the institution. CONICET Digital launched Agust 1st 2015 gathers scientific and academic production.
Argentina (multiple) Research study
RIU (UNAN-Managua)
Nicaragua (multiple) Research study
Repository of University of Nova Gorica
University of Nova Gorica repository (RUNG) is a unified entry point to electronic information resources which are created at the University of Nova Gorica. In RUNG you can find electronic diploma/masters/doctoral thesis of the University of Nova Gorica and other publications and contributions of the researchers and teaching staff of the University of Nova Gorica.
Slovenia (multiple) Research study
Repository of University of Primorska
The repository of University of Primorska (RUP) is a unified entry point to electronic information resources which are created in University of Primorska or are purchased for scientific, research, proffesional and artistic purposes of Univerisity of Primorska. Our repository currently offers electronic bachelor's, master's and doctor's degrees of some faculties of University of Primorska. We also present web editions of scientific journals, library collections and other publications which are published or co-published by University of Primorska. You can access these resources through browsing the hierarchical structure of subjects or through simple or advanced search. Our goal is to make resources of all faculties of University of Primorska available as soon as possible. Besides bachelor's, master's and doctor's degrees we will also include e-learning resources and other publications and contributions which authors are from University of Primorska. RUP also includes collections of other electronic informational resources which are purchased by libraries of University of Primorska for their users and are available through University of Primorska web application.
Slovenia (multiple) Research study
Institutional Digital Repository - Naif Arab University for Security Sciences ???????? ?????? ??????? ?????? ???? ??????? ?????? ??????? |
This site provides access to the output of the institution. The interface is in Arabic. It also includes RSS feeds which alert users to new content.
Saudi Arabia (multiple) Research study
Germany (multiple) Service
Utrecht University Repository
Netherlands (multiple) Service
Leiden University Repository
Netherlands (multiple) Service
Sirnak University Institutional Repository
Turkey (multiple) Service
Stirling Online Repository for Research Data
United Kingdom (multiple) Service
Maynooth University ePrints & eTheses Archive
Ireland (multiple) Service
Digital Collections of Colorado
Research, scholarly and creative works, and historical materials provided by a partnership of Colorado institutions of higher education.
United States (multiple) Research study
Carolina Law Scholarship Repository
United States (multiple) Research study
National Taipei University of Nursing and Health Sciences Institutional Repository
Taiwan (multiple) Research study
Repository of the University of Ljubljana
The Repository of the University of Ljubljana enables deposit and preservation of electronic versions of diploma, master and doctoral theses, of publications of the University employees and of research data. For each publication, archived into the Repository, the detection of the similarity of its content (plagiarism) is carried out at the national portal Open Science Slovenia during the deposit into the Repository.
Slovenia (multiple) Research study
HEPHAESTUS Research Repository
HEPHAESTUS, the Institutional Repository of the Neapolis University in Cyrpus . HEPHAESTUS is an open source institutional repository which gathers all the digital material of Neapolis University's various activities, particularly original research studies produced by the members of the University. The HEPHAESTUS Repository demonstrates the intellectual life, research activities and publications of the University, preserving, acknowledging and promoting scientific research to benefit the local and international community.
Cyprus (multiple) Research study
AGORA - Ayuda a la Gestión de Objetos Reutilizables de Aprendizaje
La plataforma de gestión web AGORA tiene como finalidad asistir al profesor en el proceso de búsqueda y construcción de recursos para el aprendizaje, conforme a sus necesidades de diseño instruccional, a partir de recursos digitales y utilizando las tecnologías más actuales.
Mexico (multiple) Research study
University of Nigeria Institutional repository: Home
This repository contains the Intellectual/Research Output of Scholars in the University of Nigeria Nsukka. It comprises of electronic theses and Dissertations and other important enduring heritage of our institution
Nigeria (multiple) Research study
??????????? ????? TPU
Russia (multiple) Research study
MapFig Home
petiole and open source gis applications
United States (multiple) Research study
eScholarship@BC is the institutional repository of Boston College, managed by the Boston College University Libraries. The aim of eScholarship@BC is to showcase and preserve Boston College's scholarly output in digital form and to make it freely accessible globally. The repository was first launched in 2005.
United States (multiple) Research study
Digital Library of Polotsk State University (??????????? ????????? ???????????????? ????????????)
Belarus (multiple) Service
CUNY Academic Works
CUNY Academic Works is a service of the CUNY Libraries dedicated to collecting and providing access to the research, scholarship and creative work of the City University of New York. In service to CUNY’s mission as a public university, content in Academic Works is freely available to all.
United States (multiple) Research study
Digital Commons @ Ithaca College: an institutional repository
The repository is a service of the Ithaca College libraries. Research and scholarly output included here has been selected and deposited by the individual university departments and centers on campus.
United States (multiple) Research study
DIAL - Digital Access to Libraries
DIAL's goal is to collect, preserve and disseminate the intellectual and research output written by University of Louvain authors. DIAL is built upon a flexible system that can store heterogeneous content and manage different access types and usages.
Belgium (multiple) Research study
DIAL Saint-Louis - Digital Access to Libraries
DIAL's goal is to collect, preserve and disseminate the intellectual and research output written by University of Saint-Louis Brussel's authors. DIAL is built upon a flexible system that can store heterogeneous content and manage different access types and usages.
Belgium (multiple) Research study
Welcome to the Webbs on the Web bibliography - Webbs on the Web bibliography
An LSE maintained bibliography of the work of Beatrice and Sidney Webb, with downloadable digitised full text where available or links to this at other sites. This is augmented by articles, commentaries and other research on the Webbs from their own time up to the present day, with full texts offered, if openly available.
United Kingdom (multiple) Research study
University of Thessaly Institutional Repository
The University of Thessaly Institutional Repository, which is administered by the University's Library and Information Centre, is an open access digital library aiming at collecting, preserving and disseminating the largest part of the university's intellectual production in digital form. It comprises undergraduate degree reports, postgraduate dissertations, doctoral theses, journal articles either submitted (pre-prints) or accepted (post prints) for publication, conference papers, working papers, technical reports, and other educational or research documents and data sets.
Greece (multiple) Research study
Electronic Institutional Repository of Admiral Makarov National University of Shipbuilding
The institutional repository of the National University of Shipbuilding named after Admiral Markov, collects, stores, distributes and provides long-term, continuous and reliable access to the research of staff, undergraduates, postgraduates and students. The interface is in Ukrainian and Russian.
Ukraine (multiple) Research study
France (multiple) Research study
Lancaster EPrints
United Kingdom (multiple) Service
OCAD University Open Research Repository
Canada (multiple) Research study

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